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Pea Flowers and Genetic Heritability

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Genetics can seem like an intimidating subject, one that’s only meant for molecular biology PhD students and tenured professors. While genetic inheritance is extremely complicated and closely tied into gene expression (a subject that still has much to be discovered and understood), the basics of genetics and genetic heredity can be easily explained using something as simple as the color of a pea flower… Read More

Viva [the genetic diversity of] Mexico!

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Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that most Americans associate with margaritas and tequila, is actually a day to celebrate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire in 1862. And despite its confusion with Mexico’s Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo has been adopted as a day for Mexican Americans and anyone of Mexican descent to celebrate their heritage. So in order to celebrate, we wanted to talk about the unique genetic diversity of the peoples of Mexico! Read More

What Happens To Your DNA After It’s Tested?

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It’s no secret to anyone that personalized genetics based test kits have risen in popularity in the past few years. In fact, Amazon announced that 23andMe was one of its top five purchases during this past holiday season, that’s a lot of personal genetic data being spit into tubes and shipped off for testing. But what happens to all that data once it’s been used to provide the buyer with ancestry details or personalize health and wellness plans? What really happens to your DNA after it’s tested? Read More

GxSlim: What Genes Do We Look At?

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So you decide to treat yourself and purchase GxSlim, our DNA-based health & fitness program. You open your test kit, swab the inside of your cheek, send your sample off to us, and voila! you have your personalized results paired with professional advice to help put you on your weight loss and fitness path. But what exactly do we look at in order to create such a personalized plan designed uniquely for you? Well, genes of course! Read More

What’s The Deal With Probiotics?

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If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store or pharmacy, you’ve probably seen probiotics in the “health foods” or supplements aisle. In the past few years, probiotics have gained popularity in the health and wellness industry with claims that supplementing with probiotics can lead to improved digestion and energy, a boosted immune system and just greater health overall. Claims like that certainly can’t be ignored, so we wanted to talk all things probiotics…the good, the bad and the unknown. Read More

Are Women More Fit Than Men?

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We’re constantly told that men have an advantage when it comes to strength and fitness. Generally speaking, men are stronger than women in the sense that they have the ability to lift more weight compared to their body size, but what if our measurements of fitness were a little different? Would we start to realize that women may actually be more fit than men? Read More