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Easy Workouts for the Holiday Season

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This time of year isn’t nicknamed the Silly Season for no reason. December can certainly be a hectic time between finishing up tasks at work, running around buying gifts for loved ones, planning or embarking on a holiday vacation, jumping from holiday party to holiday party. It can be easy to forget to take a moment for ourselves to focus on our health and fitness. That’s why we’re laying out six easy exercises and workouts you can do this holiday season without having to trek to the gym! Read More

How To Boost Your Metabolism This Holiday Season

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It’s no secret that this time of year is a festive one, but also one that often comes with a lot of indulgence. While it’s never healthy to massively over-indulge and eat everything from the Christmas pudding to copious cups of full-fat eggnog, it’s also not healthy to refrain entirely and feel guilty for any goodie you treat yourself to. So, now that we’re through Thanksgiving and heading into the full-blown holiday feasting season, we’re giving you tips to help boost your metabolism so that you can still eat those special treats without packing on the pounds. Read More

Common Questions and Misconceptions about Genetic Testing

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It’s no secret that genetic testing is the newest trend in health and wellness, and for good reason! Genetic testing can tell us a lot about ourselves from our ancestry to our ability to lose weight. And with the quality of testing at its peak and the price of getting testing done at its lowest, why wouldn’t you take the leap and try genetic testing? But despite its trendiness, there are still a few common misconceptions floating around genetic testing, so we’re getting to the bottom of some of them and answering those questions you may have always had about getting genetic testing done but never had the opportunity to ask.

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Do Your Genes Experience Seasons?

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It’s that wonderful time of year when the leaves start to change colors, the cool brisk breeze begins to pick up, and the pumpkin spice lattes make their first appearances. That’s right, it’s fall, that glorious season that marks the end of summer and the beginning of those colder months. There’s no doubt that a change of seasons brings with it other forms of change as well, but what does a change in season mean for our genes? Read More

Telomeres and Lobsters: A Story About Aging

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Age. It’s one of the greatest defining factors of who we are. It defines when we get to start driving, when we get to vote, when we should no longer be living with our parents and when we should probably stop driving. Every aspect of our lives centers around age, and whether we like it or not, it’s a process that we can’t stop from happening. So why is it that we age at all? Read More

Lactose Intolerance: A Story Of Your Genes And Human History

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Milk and cheese. No we’re not listing your favorite foods, although some of our tastiest treats do involve these two ingredients. We’re talking about dairy and, more specifically, the inability to consume dairy without some unwanted side effects. Lactose intolerance is somewhat of an enigma, being claimed as a full blown allergy by some and completely ignored by others. While a true intolerance to dairy products may be difficult to pinpoint on symptoms alone, there is actually some genetics involved in our inability to digest dairy products. Read More

Are Bugs The Protein Of The Future?

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Historically speaking, humans evolved while consuming insects. In fact, most cultures around the world continue to praise insect protein as a delicacy, sometimes even valuing it over meat. While bugs have maintained a bad reputation in the western world as gross creepy crawlies, they’re the ideal protein of the future. Easy and quick to farm, insects could provide the world’s protein at a significantly lower environmental impact than traditional meat sources which begs the questions, will your morning bacon and eggs soon be replaced with beetles and mealworms? Read More

Netflix & Chill

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We’re all about leading a healthy and fit lifestyle here at Genetic Direction and one of the biggest aspects of staying healthy is balance. So while we love when you hit the gym or eat a heaping serving of fruits and veggies, we also love when you take some time to kick up your feet and just relax. That’s right, we want you to Netflix & Chill. Read More

The Gut-Brain Connection

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Hippocrates wasn’t joking around when he said that “all disease begins in the gut”. Nearly 2000 years later, we’re finally realizing that he may have actually been onto something. In the past decade, science has slowly started to uncover the connection between the Brain and the Gut and it’s a stronger connection than we ever could have guessed. In fact, the health of the gut may be the new solution to all of our mental health needs. Read More

Nutrisystem, Inc. Launches New Genetics-Based Program

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We’re proud to announce that Nutrisystem®, a leading provider of health and wellness weight management programs has announced the release of their new program DNA Body Blueprint™. The new program will utilize DNA testing developed by Genetic Direction to provide personalized plans that target nutrition, eating behaviors and metabolism based on an individual’s genetic makeup. Read More