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GxSlim: What Genes Do We Look At?

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So you decide to treat yourself and purchase GxSlim, our DNA-based health & fitness program. You open your test kit, swab the inside of your cheek, send your sample off to us, and voila! you have your personalized results paired with professional advice to help put you on your weight loss and fitness path. But what exactly do we look at in order to create such a personalized plan designed uniquely for you? Well, genes of course! Read More

What’s The Deal With Probiotics?

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If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store or pharmacy, you’ve probably seen probiotics in the “health foods” or supplements aisle. In the past few years, probiotics have gained popularity in the health and wellness industry with claims that supplementing with probiotics can lead to improved digestion and energy, a boosted immune system and just greater health overall. Claims like that certainly can’t be ignored, so we wanted to talk all things probiotics…the good, the bad and the unknown. Read More

Are Women More Fit Than Men?

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We’re constantly told that men have an advantage when it comes to strength and fitness. Generally speaking, men are stronger than women in the sense that they have the ability to lift more weight compared to their body size, but what if our measurements of fitness were a little different? Would we start to realize that women may actually be more fit than men? Read More

To Be An Olympic Athlete

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing and once again, us mere mortals find ourselves admiring the physical strength and stamina of the athletes from the comforts of our own couches. These games have already proven themselves to be exciting, boasting some of the youngest medal winners as well as some record breaking firsts. We were especially excited to see Chloe Kim become the first woman to ever land a back-to-back 1080s. That gold medal was well deserved! Olympians really are a special breed of human. But what does it really take to keep up the athletic lifestyle of an Olympic athlete? Read More

How To Tackle The Gym

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While you certainly don’t need a gym to tackle your health and fitness goals, a lot of people benefit from working out in an environment full of others who are striving towards a similar goal. But gyms can be intimidating places. There’s the rooms full of machines that look like torture devices, trainers and fitness buffs who make the rest of us look like mere mortals, and mirrors in almost every direction serving as a constant reminder as to why we dragged ourselves to the gym in the first place. So how do you walk into the gym with confidence and tackle your workouts like a pro? Read More