Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between GxSlim, GxRenew and GxNutrient?

GxSlim is very deep and focused on healthy weight loss using food, micronutrient and exercise recommendations, whereas GxRenew is a more broad general wellness and healthy aging program. GxNutrient provides an analysis of all micronutrient tendencies that have proven genetic linkages.

There is very little overlap between GxSlim and GxRenew, but please note that most (12 out of 15) of the micronutrient traits in GxNutrient are already tested and provided in GxSlim and GxRenew. Please click here to see a complete listing of traits tested in all three programs in order to understand the overlap between the products.

How does Genetic Direction’s DNA testing work?

We use a noninvasive swab to collect cells from the mouth. The swab is easy to use and only takes about a minute to collect enough DNA for analysis. Once collected, the swab is mailed directly to our lab for analysis.

What genes are analyzed with the genetic test?

Our lab analyzes approximately 115 unique genetic markers that have been shown through external research to be related to various ways the human body processes food, nutrients and physical exercise, as well as how the body responds to the aging process.

When will I get my results?

Typical turnaround time for the entire process (swab kit shipping, DNA extraction and analysis, quality inspection, report generation) is approximately 10-20 business days. We will email you as soon as your report is ready.

What information will be included in my report?

Your GxSlim report will contain nutrition and exercise recommendations specific to your genetic test results (i.e., your DNA).  The nutrition information will discuss in layman’s terms how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you should consume daily, as well as which micronutrients you may be at risk for being deficient in, and which foods are good sources of those micronutrients. You will learn how your body responds to fat, protein and carbohydrate intake in relation to how you’ll use them for energy, and thus, how best to eat in order to lose body fat. Your GxSlim report will also indicate what your likeliness is of using fat for energy during different types of exercise. It will give you specific information about exercises that are best aligned with your genetic test results: which types of exercise, at what intensity, for how long and how often.

Your GxRenew report will contain nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations specific to your genetic test results (i.e., your DNA), and the recommendations are grouped into the categories of Look, Feel and Function. Look recommendations will include topics like skin glycation and facial aging, Feel recommendations will include areas such as sleep duration and addictive behaviors, and Function recommendations offer advice on issues like age-related hearing loss, mental acuity, as well as which micronutrients you may be at risk for being deficient in, and which foods are good sources of those micronutrients.

In addition to the GxSlim or GxRenew report, you will also have access to genotype-specific content within our secure web portal.  Hundreds of videos, recipes and articles are prioritized for you based on your genotype and available to you at any time.

Will you test for any serious inherited diseases?

No. Genetic Direction focuses solely on those genes that are related to the body’s ability to process food, nutrients and physical exercise. Any DNA test performed to detect predictors for disease should be interpreted by a physician or a certified genetic counselor.

What will happen to my sample after it has been analyzed?

Unless you give us authorization to store your sample in our lab’s bio-banking facility, your DNA sample will be destroyed by the lab within 45 days of analyzing the DNA.

Please see our DNA Sample Storage Consent.

How is my personal information protected?

To prevent unauthorized access to your information, our systems are run on HIPAA-compliant architecture, employing secure servers, firewalls and encrypted back-ups.

Who can view and use my account information?

You control access to your account information and test results. As long as you do not share your account password and username, no other individual will have access to your account or your results.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a genetic test?

Probably not. Most insurance companies do not yet pay for genetic tests related to health management programs like Genetic Direction. We believe they will at some point in the future, so it might be worth checking with your insurance carrier. If your physician recommends you utilize a weight management program, you can use your HSA or FSA funds to pay for GxSlim.

Can my insurance company or employer request or independently obtain a copy of my results?

No. Your privacy is protected by the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), which was instituted in the United States in May 2008.  As a result, you are also not required to disclose genetic information to an employer or insurer. In addition, Genetic Direction will not respond to any request for test results from an insurer, employer or any other entity.