Genetic Direction Affiliate Program

Genetic Direction partners with healthcare / wellness professionals across the United States to bring our solutions to a larger audience. As an Affiliate, the benefits of partnering with Genetic Direction include:

  • Providing your clients/patients with leading edge, personalized health management programs using genetic testing and microbiome testing
  • Basic supplement recommendations based upon Genetic trait outcomes and Precision Supplements offered based upon Microbiome test results
  • Increased income through generous supplement revenue share program
  • Extensive program customization capabilities, including:
    • Completely private labeled reports, collection kits, supplements and technology platform
    • Customization of report content to tailor the messaging to your audience
    • Placement of supplement product suggestions within report content
    • Custom trait development based on valid peer-reviewed research
  • Online delivery of client/patient results to Affiliate and client/patient, if desired
  • Extensive partner support including marketing materials, client/patient management tools and training

If you have an interest in offering our solutions to your clients or patients, please call us at 877-914-3634 or complete the form on this page and we will respond to your inquiry right away.

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