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    GxGutHealth Microbiome Program Launched

    We’re proud to announce that Genetic Direction has partnered with PhenoBiome to launch a human gut microbiome assay.  PhenoBiome is on a mission to become the gold standard for developing microbiome-based solutions, from assay development to therapeutics, across human, animal, and agritech markets.  The test, GxGutHealth, will be available to affiliates and patients on a non-exclusive basis through Genetic Direction’s health professional affiliates channel.

    The microbiome test provides a deeper level of understanding and insight into a patient’s gut microbiome, by assessing important metabolic pathways and physiological properties that rely on the gut microbiome to thrive. The personalized and detailed reports can inform behavioral and other health interventions to help improve gut health.

    “We know that the gut microbiome plays a key role in our overall health—from the digestive system to the immune system and from brain health to heart health,” said Pavel Novichkov, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of PhenoBiome. “Through more than a decade of research, our science team has identified the specific bacteria that contribute to more than 100 physiological functions in the human body, and built a test that provides a complete and accurate picture of an individual patient’s gut microbiome. We are very happy to partner with Genetic Direction to deploy this revolutionary program to their Affiliate channel.”

    You can read more about the GxGutHealth launch in the press release.