Microbiome Testing

Gut Bacteria Doesn’t Lie.

GxGutHealth is a complete picture of an individual’s gut microbiome.

GxGutHealth is a complete picture of an individual’s gut microbiome.

GxGutHealth - Microbiome Testing Collection Kit

Collect and analyze a fecal sample.

Provide your patient with a GxGutHealth fecal collection kit, or we can send it directly to their residence. They will collect a fecal sample using the collection device and instructions provided in the kit, then return the sample to our lab partner in the included pre-paid shipping package.

Our CLIA-certified lab will then perform a scientific analysis of the sample and provide the information required for us to generate a customize microbiome report.

GxGutHealth - Microbiome Testing Report Sample

We’ll send you your unique report.

Within 4-6 weeks, you’ll get a comprehensive microbiome report that includes the patient’s microbiome diversity. Phenotypes include Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production, Amino Acid Production, Vitamin Production, and Sugar Utilization as well as a Nutrient Map that will enable tuning of the microbiome.

GxGutHealth - Microbiome Testing for Patients

Discuss report with your patient.

To help you get the most out of the GxGutHealth report, we will provide training on how to interpret the results and create recommendations for your patient. By planning a future microbiome test, you can determine what has improved in your patient’s microbiome.

GxGutHealth - Microbiome Test Report

What is GxGutHealth?

GxGutHealth is snapshot of your microbiome that utilizes a comprehensive platform that converts taxonomic signatures (16S) and gene lists (WGS) into microbiome-wide quantitative functional capabilities (phenotypes). A quantitative measure of each phenotype in a microbiome sample is computed on a scale from 0 to 100%.

Our proprietary collection of predicted metabolic phenotypes presently covers manually curated pathways for > 100 major nutrients and metabolites across >3,000 reference genomes representing the microbiome.

This enables a deeper understanding of how microbes are interacting with the host, each other, and the diet, giving physiological meaning and a science-based path for those looking to actively modulate the microbiome.

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