GxGutHealth Microbiome Single Test


GxGutHealth is snapshot of your microbiome that utilizes a comprehensive platform that converts taxonomic signatures (16S) and gene lists (WGS) into microbiome-wide quantitative functional capabilities (phenotypes). A quantitative measure of each phenotype in a microbiome sample is computed on a scale from 0 to 100%.

Our proprietary collection of predicted metabolic phenotypes presently covers manually curated pathways for >100 major nutrients and metabolites across >3,000 reference genomes representing the microbiome. This enables a deeper understanding of how microbes are interacting with the host, each other, and the diet, giving physiological meaning and a science-based path for those looking to actively modulate the microbiome.

INCLUDED is a consultation with one of our Gut Health Counselors to help go through your GxGutHealth report!

You will receive a fecal sample collection kit with a prepaid shipping label to our CLIA and CAP certified lab partner and a detail PDF report once the sample has been processed.

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