Make Wellness Your Business

Join the Genetic Direction Affiliate Program and Grow Your Business

Make Wellness Your Business

Join the Genetic Direction Affiliate Program and Grow Your Business

Personalized Health Management, Starting With Your DNA

Step 1:

We collect and analyze a sample of your DNA.

When you purchase any of our products, you will first receive a DNA collection kit, which consists of a simple cheek swab. Once you return the sample to us in the enclosed, pre-paid package, we’ll perform a thorough scientific analysis of your unique genotype. Your sample and results will remain completely safe and confidential.

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Step 2:

We share our discoveries with you.

Once the analysis is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive online report with specific details about your genetic makeup.Based upon which product you purchase, we will then provide a detailed set of recommendations and solutions matched to your genotype with a unique action plan to help combat the effects of aging or what kinds of food you should or should not eat and the types of exercise you should perform to maximize weight loss.

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Step 3:

We work with you to help you achieve results.

We’ll support you with resources tailored to your specific genotype.

The Genetic Direction online platform provides you with a comprehensive resource library, which contains hundreds of videos, articles, and recipes that are curated specifically for your genotype.

Best part of all, these are available 24/7 from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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About Genetic Direction

We started Genetic Direction for one simple reason – to help people live better, healthier lives. We’re bringing the science of genetic testing, the expertise of a team of health and fitness professionals, and the convenience of modern communications technology together to tackle some of the most pressing health and wellness issues facing our country today.

DNA Test Tube

It’s Scientifically Accurate

Our approach is based on the proven science and research of genetic testing.

Healthy Lifestyle

It’s Based on You

No diet plan, exercise routine, or healthy aging product has been exclusively catered to your unique genetic makeup — until now.

Health & Fitness Reports

You’re Not in it Alone

Our specialists are available to you via private calls for advice, support and accountability.