The GxSlim+GxRenew+GxNutrient Bundle Includes:

  • DNA collection kit shipped to your preferred address
  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 120 genetic markers
  • Online interactive GxSlim report, including:
    • Nutrient recommendations, including supplement suggestions
    • Exercise recommendations, including cardio and strength training
    • Supporting scientific research
  • Online interactive GxRenew report, including:
    • Analysis of 28 genetic traits related to healthy aging, including skin health, mental function, organ health, sleep duration, vision, healthy weight and more
    • Food, Nutrient, Exercise and Lifestyle recommendations to help you look and feel younger longer
    • Supporting scientific research
  • Online interactive GxNutrient report, including:
    • Analysis of 15 genetic micronutrient predisposition traits
    • Nutrient recommendations to help you achieve healthy levels
    • Supporting scientific research
    • Please note that most (12 out of 15) of the micronutrient traits in GxNutrient are already tested and provided in GxSlim and GxRenew. Please click here to see a complete listing of traits tested in all three programs in order to understand the overlap between the products.
  • Printable PDF version of GxSlim report (view sample report)
  • Online health content (videos, articles, recipes, etc.) targeted to you based on your genetic profile


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